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Phoenix Koi Food
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Seneye - take the guess work out water testing!!
Fish Clinic Sunday 9:00am in Summer 10:00am in Winter - Sharp!!!
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Winter Opening Hours - 1 October to 31 March
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Phoenix, Medicarp
Electro Koi Pond Heaters
Elecro Stainless Steel Aquatic Heater Image delivered by Karobar KoiFull range of pond heaters available. Clean easy to fit.


Sequence Water Pumps

Sequence Pumps delivered by Karobar Koi

"Cash in the bank!"

REINforced Cement Render
This an amazing product and succeeds where many fail, a must for every substantial masonry construction.
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Montmorillonite clay performs 2 main functions when added to your pond on a weekly basis.
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Dodgy koi water bugs and parasites
Need Koi health advice then check out the
Advice Centre
API Water Testing to rely upon
These are just a few of the complete range of goodies - see inside for more details
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Spec Badu Top Pumps
With 6 to choose from covering the widest range of requirements
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Speck Badu Top Pumps delivered by Karobar Koi
Multi-Cyclone WAter Filter delivered by Karobar Koi
Waterco Multi-Cyclone Water Filter 
Deals with the finest of particles a pond can generate!

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EA detox Units delivered by Karobar KoiEvolution Aqua
Detox Units

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Removes Ammonia within hours and Nitrites a little longer. Every good Koi keeper needs this product on your shelf for that rainy day when the filter crashes out. For whatever reason the ammonia level goes out through the roof, there is a set course of actions to undertake, but the very first action is to load out with ZX8 to give you extra time to sort out what went wrong with your system. There is no escaping the out come. ZX8 will save your bacon.

Seneye Pond and Reef
Once you have witnessed the benefit of Seneye  you will not want to be without it! It is truly amazing.

Ever worried whether you are reading your test colours correct, for me, all the time BUT the Seneye has taken the guess work out of it. Imagine NH3 to 3 decimal places WOW! What is that all about. All delivered to your PC, smart phone or slate, or simply read the live feed from your own private web server.
Seneye Pond
Estro Sieve delivery by Karobar KoiEstro Sieve
Comes in 3 sizes
Installation Hints
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Cetus Sieve delivered by Karobar Koi
Cetsu Sieve
Can be gravity or Pump feed. It just gets easier and easier"
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Steady pH
Everyone needs to have a steady pH in their Koi lives. To have any kind of a swing is a nightmare and will often be consequential! Without getting over technical one of the easiest ways to create and reinforce a steady pH value is to use cockle or oyster shells. We sell them crushed or whole!
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